Let's fall in love with learning again

If learning is exercise for the brain, it seems like everyone is super unfit.

Our surveys estimate that just above 1 day of coordinated workplace learning happens a year and that +91% of employees are unsatisfied with their workplace learning tools.

Online learning platform utilization rates have monthly highs at 5% and the ROI for unused content often approaches zero, with low levels of meaningful learning and growth.

One could see this and give up on continuous education. You could argue that it's evidence that no one wants to learn and so their is no opportunity to improve outcomes.

But, at some point you were curious. At some point you were the kid who could not stop asking why. At some point you could not stop telling people what you learned at school.

Maybe you remember a teacher inspiring you to learn. Maybe someone explained something and you finally understood it. People once made an effort to teach and inspire you.

Then, one day maybe you lost the spark. Life gets monotonous and boring, and education eventually slips away into legal compliance and company policy. It sucks.

Maybe all the learning sucks, because all the content sucks, because all the budgets sucks, because all the outcomes suck, because all the learning sucks. Maybe it can just not suck.

But, staying fit does not only have to be jogging. It can be weekend dance classes. It can be personal training tailored to you. It can be rock climbing with friends.

Learning can be so much more and do so much more. It can be for you and it can be with you. It can be for all of your interests, passions and aspirations. It can be for your growth.

Just like that teacher who cared enough to put in the effort to inspire people only out of a love of teaching, we want to make that irrational effort.

That quality effort that has you there not because the learning was forced on you, but because your curiosity was earned and your trust was gained.

We are committed to not only making content that matches your complex identity, but that also make you say "wow" with wonder and delight every time you see it.

We are committed to spectacular experiences.

We want you to fall in love with learning again!